About Us

About Us

The project “Light Blue Dolphin” was born from an idea of Ph.D Gian Maria Barbotto and Dr. Marco Leuzzi, with the research spirit of a group of experienced technicians and researchers like Ing. Luciano Sciabica as project coordinator, Ing PhD Francesco Tomaselli operation supervisor consultant, Ing Mauro Nosari electronic leder expert, Dr Giancarlo Alessi medicine doctor professor, Dr Daniel Winter torus Ph.D,…. And many others (we are more than 100 in our team). Our strong believe that innovative ideas and projects could and have to be spread and shared, to an international stage is imperative for us. 

22 Ago statuto

Gianmaria Barbotto

architect and bachelor in agriculture, construction materials physic expertise and researcher.

Marco Leuzzi

Economist and business consultant

 The global project in its broader view got the ambitious goal of producing, through the realization of a series of research programs, a significant and remarkable improvement in the quality of life, reducing pollution and anhydrides production and, at the same time, increasing the production of energy at a very low cost. In this specific context, we propose the development of a system of spraying of solid and liquid materials called Lotus Flower Megatron or FDL; to this project has been devoted over 75,000 hours of research, as well as the investment of substantial financial resources partly from private individuals, partly from the same researchers.

LBD Ltd. has a laboratory of mechanical and electronic in Sanremo (Italy) where it can be independently developed and studied prototypes, in addition to the electro mechanic factory always in Italy.

The centrality of LBD, which has within its credentials more than fifty researchers coordinated by engineers associated, it is fundamental to provide the control and management of the various activities that must be all oriented towards the same goals.

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