The Earth is a planet that lives and palpitates with its vibrant, dimensional life energy … Getting crops that generate good fruits with the logic of bio-sustainable is only possible by vigorously changing the honesty of those who cultivate and those who trade by radically changing the philosophy of production of the entire food chain so far applied. The reckless and criminal use of genetic engineering, of fungicide poisons to force output even at the cost of poisoning the edible product, must end.


The fearsome reckless and unconscious pollution, polarized to monopolize high yield production choices sacrificing the authenticity of the products themselves, must be prohibited.  Fruits and vegetables and every agricultural product of the entire production chain, should not be beatified only with a beautiful view for the many treatments used, but at the expense of the original flavor and healthy authenticity of the product of the past, when the mandarin smelled like mandarin and tomatoes had a taste of tomato …..! The agricultural speculation that applies the logic of despair of “low cost” underpaying producers to the advantage of traders, who must be attributed the maximum gain to the minimum risk, to inflate the pockets of the “usual unknown”… Giving specific toxicity to unsuspecting and poorly protected consumers in their rights to healthy nutrition!



Our research group based on syntropy is able, with its cutting-edge technicians, beyond the outdated systems of biodynamics, to direct and design according to climatic considerations, where the company to be built insists, evaluating the intensity or extensiveness of the products, taking due account of the water possibilities of the territory in question.

Nature is perfect, similar to an engine in which each component is in relation with the others to form a balanced and compelling whole, has marked for millennia a harmonious rhythm and as in every part of our Planet, even in plants, this program is present.

By activating the protein mechanism developed by our research, plants accumulate large quantities of oligogalacturonide and can defend themselves in an absolutely natural and effective way.
The useful substances, our logics have shown that protecting plants from diseases without using pesticides is possible.


With our bio-organic farming systems based on natural logics and electromagnetodynamic systems of vital bio-organic resonance frequencies, plants can say goodbye to pesticides because they are able to protect themselves naturally from pathogens that threaten them.